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New Sudan Through Innovation

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Our vision

New Sudan through innovation

Our mission

Provide innovative solutions to develop government institutions, community, business sectors and small and medium enterprises to contribute to innovation-based economic growth

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Team Spirit
  • Caring
  • Initiative Spirit
  • Offering innovative business development solutions
  • Offering innovative customers solutions/products
  • Facilitating innovative strategic planning using Blue Ocean strategy
  • Incubating technology & business startups
  • Facilitating Incubators development & management
  • Developing corporate innovation  strategies & systems
  • Incorporating  innovation  management systems & tools
  • Building  strategic performance  management  systems

Why RoadMap?


RoadMap Engineering is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) since 2015 and participates annually in its international conferences attended by hundreds of incubators and science parks

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Our portfolio of courses, workshops and seasonal events have been designed and continually improved to meet your changing needs and the market demand. Browse our top courses here

consultancy that solves and improves

Roadmap’s main foucs is strategy. Our experts produce highly reliable systems and plans through different innovation tools.

Instead of producing strategies through one-fit-all templates, our experts deliver their consultations through interacive sessions such as workshops with your team.

Top rated courses

Innovation Management

Process and tools to manage effective innovation initiatives

Innovation Types

Learn all possible types of innovation so you can easily innovate!


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